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Inland Lifetime Achievement Awards Luncheon

More than 100 individuals were in attendance for the second annual Inland Lifetime Achievement Awards Luncheon honoring employees who have worked at The Inland Real Estate Group of Companies, Inc. (“Inland”) for 30 or more years. The luncheon was held on Friday, October 20 at The Drake Oak Brook Hotel.

Dan Goodwin, Bob Baum and Bob Parks helped celebrate the loyal staff by acknowledging each of the 12 honorees, who are either currently employed or recently retired and have worked at Inland for an impressive 30 years. These employees were joined by the 2016 group of inductees, which included 82 individuals.

Without a doubt, these dedicated employees have shown their commitment to Inland over the years and in return, Inland wanted to express its appreciation by hosting a special luncheon where each individual was recognized and honored with an award.

Each principal’s presentation shared a common thread – a large part of Inland’s success is due to the unwavering hard work and support from the employees in that room.

The awards luncheon provided an opportunity for former co-workers to reflect and share memories of their time spent working at Inland. From revisiting their interview process to fondly remembering milestones that were celebrated together; each honoree had a great story to tell.

Congratulations to the employees who were honored at the Lifetime Achievement Awards Luncheon.

Inland Lifetime Achievement Award Highlights